The Jetsam marketing department provides expert knowledge and experience in the field of market analysis, product management and all areas of online and offline marketing. The team’s main focus is on online marketing (including website design, e-mail marketing, banner advertising, search engine marketing, website tracking, etc.) but they also organize printed materials (such as flyers, discount vouchers, etc.) - always individually tailored to the customer’s requirements. They also cover the process of product management covering the complete product lifecycle including strategy, definition and promotion. Of course, social media marketing also plays a role, for which the team works closely together with the Jetsam’s department for e-Support. 


Understanding Customer Needs – Services as a product

Even though after-sales-service is very important to many companies, it is mostly seen as a cost factor. Modern service management, however, can take ideas from sales and marketing to cover the warranty costs by selling services. Service marketing focuses on creating and promoting services which go beyond standard warranties (e.g. extended warranties, onsite repairs or other premium services). At first glance it seems difficult to apply marketing strategies to services because services are immaterial. A service cannot be touched, seen or tested prior to its purchase, which means that a customer’s decision is primarily based on trust. However, this does not mean that services cannot be promoted, it just requires different approaches. Making use of these skills, Jetsam can help service organizations address cost pressure and in some cases help move after-sales-service towards the goal of “zero warranty costs”.


Access to an entire team of experts with many years of experience in product strategy, development and marketing
Creative designs, focused on the specific jobs or project on hand
Get an outside perspective on your business