Why Business Intelligence?

Providing modern after sales services usually demands intensive data mining and data evaluation. Business intelligence technologies may help to identify the most important data and give useful insights in order to arrive at better business decisions. The department for Business Innovation at Jetsam is comprised of highly qualified experts who bring in their knowledge and experience in order to offer business intelligence solutions which are tailored directly to the needs of our customers in the after sales sector.

Business Intelligence...

General Process Flow


Data Delivery

Determine and collect key figures (qualitative/quantitative) by operative systems (OLTP) or data warehouses


Discovery of Relations

Association of data shows patterns and discontinuities which will be compared to previously set up hypothesis


Knowledge Sharing

Integration in corporate Knowledge Management (Basis of decision-making for measures and actions)

Business Intelligence Process at Jetsam

Of course Jetsam adheres to the common Business Intelligence procedure. In addition we integrated ETL Processes to handle Big Data and make use of high-performance Reporting Tools to provide our customers an instructive basis for corporate decisions.


Jetsam is highly specialized in the Programmes Qlikview, Talend and SSRS.