Jetsam was founded in 2011 by a team of after sales service experts from the consumer electronics industry. Despite the fact that Jetsam is a young company, we managed to establish an innovative and economical successful organization. Today we are working for a large customer for whom we cover the whole range of after sales service processes as well as for several small companies which mainly retrieve services in the fields of consulting, business intelligence and marketing.

By levering the skills, innovations and resources focused in the company Jetsam is able to deliver its services at reduced costs and at the same time offer its customers significantly improvements of service processes. Our offer reaches from consultancy and analysing to complete assumption of processes and their operative maintenance. We can refer to a network of outstanding suppliers of commodity services in after sales service (e.g. repair, spare part supply, call center operations, logistic). Furthermore Jetsam has a strong commitment to process designs that allow to measure performance and identify potential process improvement at all times.


Jetsam offers business process outsourcing in the fields of after sales management and business intelligence.

After sale, the longest and maybe most important part of a product life cycle beginns: the actual use by the customer. In order to make the use, especially in case of problems, as smooth as possible, a qualitative and efficient after sales service is needed.

Behind this term hides a variety of services and processes that reach from warranty-management and repairs to technical support and the evaluation of product quality. However successful after sales service management not only contributes to a significant customer satisfaction but is also mandatory if a company wants to keep their customers in the long term.

 Jetsam provides its customers the opportunity to give complex parts of after sales service in the hands of experts and to focus on the development and sales of their very own products.

Our work and the unique team we have established allow us to understand different kinds of business processes in detail and from a birds-eye view.  We offer this knowledge to our customers through our Business Innovation unit. This agile and highly skilled team is able to help you improve your overall service processes though in-depth analytics, consulting and the implementation of innovative and transformative projects. The team is comprised of industry veterans and area experts and can make use of any skills or knowledge represented in the other Jetsam departments.

Providing modern services for business processes usually demands intensive data mining and data evaluation. Business intelligence technologies may help to identify the most important data and give useful insights in order to arrive at better business decisions. Jetsam is comprised of highly qualified experts who bring in their knowledge and experience in order to offer business intelligence solutions which are tailored directly to the needs of our customers in various business sectors. The essential fact hereby is that we optimize process flows with the help of workflow tools and use proved business intelligence solutions to expose problems and potentials for improvement.

Service Training

Management of service IT applications

Call-Center management

Technical support

Development of new services

Service parts management and logistics

Consistent improvement of service processes

Service sales


Today nearly 50 committed employees are working at Jetsam to offer the best possible service to our customers. The team is comprised of industry veterans and experts with years of experience gained in working for CE manufacturers and brands. The skills represented in Jetsam cover all parts of after sales management and are augmented by team members covering innovation areas like e-services, service sales and service automation.


Head Office
Dr.-Leo-Ritter-Straße 4
93049 Regensburg
(DE) Germany

Jetsam was founded in Regensburg in 2011 by a team of after sales experts from the consumer electronics industry.

  • Business Intelligence & Business Consulting
  • IT Hosting & Management
  • Marketing Services
  • Technical Support for CE companies